ATTENTION: Ecomm Store Owners Wanting Profitable Tiktok & Snapchat Ads 

7 Figure Advertiser Is Running Profitable Tiktok & Snapchat Ads For Ecom Store Owners While Scaling Them To 6 & 7 Figures:

With 6 Years Experience in
Ad Creatives (using my influencers)
Website Optimization
Email & SMS Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, & More!

Hey! my name is Shawn, and I've Spent the last 6 years helping eCom store owner crush it with Snapchat and TikTok Ads.

Facebook and Instagram are cool and all, but they are so up and down! (Broseph...seriously! stop riding the ponies!) and who knows when they are going to ban you. Snapchat and TikTok have way less restrictions and are WAAY more consistent!

Trust me...I've helped managed over $1.5M in paid ads and created over $7M in online stores sales for eCommerce brands and enterpeneurs just like you...

After scaling dozens of Ecom stores , I've been features in major news outlets around the world for the MASSIVE success my clients and I have had with Snapchats and TikTok ads...

And with the ever -changing landscape of landscape of paid ads across various niches and platforms, we are always discovering battle tested strategies that results in max ROI and consistent growth for all the companies we work with.

Are you ready to start running ads that actually SELL?

My Name is Shawn P. and I've Sold Over 7 FIGURES Worth of Products With Paid Ads Alone and Now You Can Have Me Run Your Ads For You

The articles you see below are just a few of the features I've received thanks to my success running successful advertising campaigns for Dozens of clients:
I was also featured in CBS, NBC, Fox, USA Today , and Market Watch.
Here's a brand that we helped make near $2M in the first quarter of 2021:
Here's a store I took to their biggest month the first 30 days with a consistent 5X ROAS
Some more results....
An Ecommerce store I increased their sales by 623% in under 4 months:
Here's a high ticket speaker brand we scaled in the first 45 days with affiliate marketing!

And I'm going to give your business the opportunity to partner alongside my team and I who were responsible for these INSANE results, because...

The truth is, running effective ads for your business can be very profitable...

In fact, your business can grow MUCH faster than ever before...

BY getting the ability to partner with a team that practices what they preach after scaling 40+ companies with paid ads alone.

Getting 2X, sometimes even 3X back on every dollar you spend.

Or maybe even more, when using a PROVEN formula that's generated over 8 FIGURES...

Why spend thousands $$$ and countless hours 'testing' things that might work when you can simply Copy & Paste ads that are currently working?

I've spent over $1M in the past 2 months on snapchat alone (my best platform) ads testing everything to crack the code...

Testing image after image.

Video after video.

Audience after audience.

And let me tell just say...

It was NOT easy.

Days where I didn't get a single customer.

There were nights we couldn't sleep.

Times where I wanted to just stop because nothing was working...

Times when I doubted my business, and wondered if I was ever destined to 'make it'.

I went through all of this stress...

So other business owners don't EVER have to.

AND... once I perfected a PROVEN formula to running profitable ads online over the past 2 years... it became a piece of cake.
Take aways i learned from Tiktok/Snapchat ads, email & affilate marketing
✅ Cheap CPC

✅ Cheap CPA

✅ Low competition - most companies give up on these platforms, instead of learning the secrets like they do for other platforms.

✅ No banned accounts, or niches

✅ Super consistent sales, ROAS & CPA

AND... even MORE!
Here's Our Advertising Process:
We evaluate your online store or landing page, find areas where we can increase your conversion rate, implement better design and content with proven conversion boosting tactics.
We condense and simplify your ad campaigns, create new hyper targeting audiences, implement new creatives, hone in on your highest paying customers while targeting them at scale.
Once your campaign structure is fixed, not we focus on increasing your return on ad spend, optimizing your upsells/downsells and making sure your average order value increases so you profit more on less ad spend.
Once your store is fully-optimized and your campaigns are yielding consistent results, this is where we increase your ad spend with confidence and profit 3x or more on every dollar you spend.

Are You Ready To Scale Your Business With Paid Ads?

  • You Have Over 250+ Customers
  • You Can Commit To $100+ a Day In Ad Spend
  • You're Committed To Building An Empire

IMPORTANT: We can only take on 4-6 new clients every month and we carefully select who we can work with to make sure we can 100% deliver results. WE DO NOT WORK WITH JUST ANYONE.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What results can you expect when working with Shawn and his team?

We get this question a lot but as long as you have prior sales, social proof and a proven business model we can use our proven Paid Ad Campaign Structure to bring your business more leads, sales, and decrease your ad costs by up to 30%.

How long does it take to start seeing progress?

Our on-boarding process has been streamlined over the years to make sure you can have your site up and ready with ads running within 7 days. That first week will show us progress and the data we need to piggy back the best audiences, creatives and offer.

Is retargeting expensive? Why not just email?

Retargeting is actually a lot cheaper since we have had more touch points with that potential buyer to convince them to be a buyer with a no-brainer offer/ad. Email is great and we pride ourselves on running successful email campaigns but having retargeting ads as well can pull in 2x the buyers. Who would say no to 2x more buyers??

​Do you do more than just Tiktok, Snapchat ads?

Yes, we do more than just that. We run ads on multiple platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and more but find the best results for our clients on Snapchat & Tiktok!

What do I need to work with Shawn and his team?

We work with businesses of all sizes, but in order to start with us we would first need to know more about your business, your costs, and current performance of ads which we can go over on the phone with you when you book your call below.
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